Finding Your Perfect Places

Think about your song. The song that was made for you. The one that warms your heart. That speaks to your soul. The one song that when it starts playing you feel like the happiest, wildest and freest person on this planet. You probably have one in mind or you are thinking too much about which one may be. Trust me, if you have to think twice, you have not found it yet. 

Now, think about your life before your song. The music you used to hear. The song that had a similar feeling to your song. Do you remember the moment you listened to your song for the first time? What was the lyric that catched your attention? What made that song, your song? Do you remember the history of you and your song?

I found my song at the most unexpected moment. I was having one of the worst days of my life, so I decided to locked myself in my room and listen to new music, the first recommendation that the app had given me was the album “Melodrama” by Lorde, and I listened to it. 

I was enjoying listening to the album but I was about to change the song  and suddenly the last song starts playing ‘Perfect Places’ something about the lines “I hate the headlines and the weather/ I’m nineteen and I’m on fire” caught the attention of that fifteen year old at that time. The song was stuck in my head for a week until I listened again and again and again. Three years later the song is still stuck in my head.

This three years have been rough, so many changes, I went to high school, I graduated high school, I met new people, I became friends with people, I distanced myself from old friends,I found a family on my closest friends, I had many mental breakdowns, my appearance changed and so did my personality. But there is one thing that never changed, the heartwarming feeling of listening to ‘Perfect Places’

Without a doubt the song changed my life in a way I can not explain, I remember been on middle school when my life was a mess, I was sad all the time and I was probably the worst version of myself, but the lyrics and the beat of this song connected with me in a way that I have not experienced yet. I found a safe place on this song. I found a home in ‘Perfect Places’ It is my song. Yeah, I did not write, sing or produce the song, but I made it my own, ‘Perfect Places’ for me is not just another song I sing or dance to, It’s my escape, my friend, my support group, the shoulder of a friends that I can cry on, the person who believed in me when no one else included myself did. 

Everyone should have a song that changed their life like ‘Perfect Places’ did to mine. I asked my friends about their song, some of them already have it but other did not, but the responses were fantastic, almost everyone had a specific reason to that song, also the variety of songs was wonderful, so I will share a few examples here.

Let’s start with one of my best friends, her song is ‘Cut my lip’ by Twenty One Pilots and it hits her little glass heart like no other song because the powerful message of the song motivates her to move forward with her life. Meanwhile ‘Blackbird’ by the Beatles was the choice of other friend whose grandma used to sing this song to him and made an impact in his life. ‘Little me’ by Little Mix saved the life of my childhood friend, she was going through the worst time of her life when she heard the song for the first time, nowadays  she identifies with this song through a spiritual level. 

After asking a lot of my friends, I was still very curious, so I went on reddit and asked people about the song that connected to their soul, I got about 50 replies but I will share three stories that stand out to me. 

One user wrote ‘This Must Be The Place’ by Talking Heads and explained that even though the song does not tell a story, it captures love, fear and life in 5 minutes and for the user the song also shares that is okay to not have a clue about what you are doing and the reason behind it. In the replies of this answer another user revealed that this was also their song and they started discussing about the different versions of this song and recommended some to each other. 

By posting the question on reddit I had to write my answer too and I found a person whose song is also ‘Perfect Places’ we have almost the same feelings to the song but a different story to it, their first listen to the song was while on acid and was left by an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia and a different perspective of life.

A lot of people have found their song and If you are reading this and you have not found it yet, Don’t worry, you will, it’s just a matter of time, maybe you will find it tomorrow, this week or in a year; but when you have found it you will know. You will find your song, your ‘Perfect Places’ 

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