Happy or Distracted

A week ago I was sad about something that had happened in my life and I could not forget about the thing that made me sad. A few days later I was not sad, but I don’t know if I was happy or distracted from what was making me sad.

That’s a good question that sometimes people don’t ask themselves and I understand that because sometimes I feel anxious or I remember my sadness when I ask myself the question. But sometimes the answer is needed to know if you move on from something or If you are not done with what makes us sad.

To be honest, most times I know if I’m happy or distracted, but other times  I have a problem with that because I can’t distinguish my feeling or even know what I’m feeling at all; and I really need to work on that.

I really did not know what I should write, but I needed to write something, and this was one of those days that I did not know If I was happy or distracted.

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