My first two weeks of college

I have been in college for two weeks and It has been AMAZING.

The first day I was really nervous about how was it going to be and that day I also had just one class that was four hours long. The class was amazing they told us what we were going to see and probably learn in class and I love it. This class was about creative writing, music and art.

The second day came around and I had three classes that were two hours long each and I like 2/3 of them. The one I didn’t like that much was a class from another major but they force us to take one each semester. One class is about creativity, another about architecture and the one I didn’t like that much was about sustainability (I mean don’t get me wrong, it was interesting but the hour that I have the class doesn’t help, because I’m either hungry or sleepy)

The first week I didn’t have homework and I just arrived to my house to do nothing, but this week, the second one I had a lot of homework and for a weird reason I am not complaining.

I love my major so much that I am not complaining about homework. Can you believe that? The only thing I am complaining about is having to wake up at 5am everyday because my classes start at 7am.

This was a little update to my entry “Tomorrow It’s my first day of college”

Also, as you can see I don’t post that often like when I was on vacation, but I am now more organize so expect more entries soon.


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