Have you ever realized that rain is such a weird thing for people?

Like some people think that the teardrops from angels become rain, what’s up with that? where did that come from? Don’t get me wrong, anyone can believe what they want, but I find that weird.

Other people forget how to drive when two raindrops fall from the sky and there is chaos in town when it is a little rainy. Where I live literally people forget how to drive when it rains, because every two meters their is a crash and the traffic gets awful because of the crashes, and it is not because they are big or anything, it is because people like to stare at them, even if it was a little hit where no one got hurt and the cars are perfectly okay.

And why do we get lazy when it rains? and don’t get me wrong, I love being lazy but why does it make me MORE lazy? Is it the vibes? or I just want an excuse for my laziness? or maybe it’s both? but who cares, if I have a little excuse to justify my laziness, I will take it.

In the middle of writing this I remembered the movie “Singing in the Rain” and the the lip sync battle performance from Tom Holland and this is just a friendly reminder that you should watch that performance.

I know this entry is short and a mess, but I am short and a mess. It is raining outside, I have a lot of homework to do but I was just laying on my bed thinking about how weird rain is and I decided to write this.

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