I hate that I like this movies

Have you ever watched a movie and you liked it, but then you asked yourself “Why do I like this?” and you hate the fact that you like them? Well that has happened to me two times and I’m gonna share them with you.

Midnight at Paris (2011) directed by Woody Allen

I don’t like Woody Allen, I know he makes good movies, but I don’t like him because of the things he has done (if you don’t know you should look it up) and I had made the decision that I will not watched any of his movies and for the record, I did not watched this on my free time or anything, I watched this at school, it was in a class and the teacher screened this movie. I hate that I like this movie and that is so entertaining. Even on my letterboxd review I literally said “I hate that I like a Woody Allen movie” but besides this movie, I have not seen any of his movies.

The Boss Baby (2017)

This movie is kinda good but I have an attached memory to this movie that I hate and everytime I remember this movie or the fact that I like it, I hate myself for even watching this movie. I will not get in detail about the memory but I will not be watching the sequel to this movie. Yes, there is going to be a sequel. But I will actually recommend this movie, it is actually good.

Don’t get me wrong, this movies are good, but I hate the fact that I like them, so that’s it for this entry and expect very soon an entry about “I hate that I don’t like this movies”

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