Signs That The World Is Sending Me

Have you ever been on a situation or a dilema and the world literally slaps your face with a detail about that?

Well, that is happening to me. A couple of weeks ago, It was a Thursday and I started to have a dilema about something. The world thought that It would be fun If every day a detail or a sign will be sent to me about that.

Im not joking. EVERY SINGLE DAY AND EVEN MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. All the signs are different but they all reference the same thing or person, let me give you an example, I did a Buzzfeed Quiz about something stupid and the result was related to the person on my dilema.

Like why??? Why is the universe like this? Am I on a prank show or something?

And it is not like Im causing this signs, they just happened at random times, in fact Im avoiding them

As you can see Im a Mess but Im hoping that the Universe just stop doing this.

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