The Inspirations behind some of my entries

As you may have realized by this point, this blog is pretty random. It is not just about one thing, It is about the things that come to my mind and they can go from an amazing text to the photos that I have on my phone with no context. Today, I want to share with you some of the inspirations to certain entries that I made. Let’s start with the newest entry.


  • All the Ashes – If you have not read this entry, I highly recommended. The inspiration to this entry was the song Ashes by Celine Dion (yes, the one that is on the Deadpool Soundtrack). That day I wanted to write a text and that song was playing on my spotify playlist and when I heard the Lyric ‘Let beauty come out of ashes’ the text came to me.
  • Why Taking a Break Is Important – This entry was a hint towards a friend who reads my blog. This friend is always doing homework and her favorite hobby is being stressed and I always tell her to relax but she doesn’t listen so I made this entry because I knew she will read it and maybe take a break.
  • Am I Just Overreacting? – I wrote this entry while I was on class, I was really sad and thought everyone hated me, so that’s that.
  • My College Series ( Part 1 and Part 2) – One day before I went to my first day of college I was watching some youtube videos about people sharing their experiences on college so I decided to give it a try. An update to that series is coming soon.




I hope you liked this entry so I can keep making this kind of entries where I share the behind the scenes of some of my entries.

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