Have you ever listened to a podcast? Have you realized how weird the concept of a podcast is?

I like listening to podcast on my free time or when I’m doing something that doesn’t require a lot of attention. But, I find it a little weird that we are literally hearing the conversations of two  or more people, like we hear all the tea and all the things they have to same about certain event or topic and at the same time you probably don’t know these people on real life and you feel part of the conversation or that you are with them in the same room. It is kind of weird but amazing.

My favorite podcast is “The Try Pod” by The Try Guys, I watch their videos on Youtube and when they announced their podcast, I got super excited. I highly recommend their podcast. It is really entertaining; they give advice and they talked about things they found out recently or stories from their life’s that are hilarious. Also, their podcast never gets boring and they even make you feel like the fifth try guy.

I hope you liked this very short entry and my thoughts about podcasts. I want to start listening to new podcasts, if you have any recommendations leave them on the comments below.  

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