I Just Finished My First Semester of College

This is a new part from My College Series, if you want to read the first two parts they will be listed down below, let’s begin.

Last time I was talking about my college experience I was just two weeks into the semester and so much has happened since then.

Let’s start with the classes, at first I hated one of them until the last day, on that day I reflected that the class was actually good and the teacher was amazing, but I regret that I realized that in the last day. All the other classes were great. My favorite class was Photography, I took a lot of photos for the class and I made a collection of pictures that I loved (I will share them soon). The hardest class was about architecture and we literally had to build like a house but not a house, it is hard to explain.

There was a time on the semester, it was almost at the end where I pushed half of my friends away because I was not feeling that good, but with that I realized who really wanted to talk with me because those were the people who looked after me and asked me if everything was okay. But I’m happy now

I end this semester happy, I truly love my degree and my grades were amazing and I hope next semester goes amazing, but here is the thing, I just have two classes next semester that I think I will like, so, I don’t know how it will go, but you will get an update



Here are the other two parts of the series:

Tomorrow It’s my first day of college

My first two weeks of college


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