Things I Have Trouble Doing

Sometimes you just have trouble doing a thing that some people have no trouble doing and you get frustrated that you have difficulties doing that activity. In my case they are the most simple things and I get so dramatic when I have any trouble with something, I actually just had trouble deciding what I’m reading next and I got so frustrated that I started writing this entry, so let’s get started

Yeah, one of those things for me is deciding what I’m reading or watching next, the fact that I have so many options to decide terrifies me, because I sometimes want two things but I can’t decide which one so I decide to not do anything and just be on my phone looking at memes.

Another thing I have trouble is submitting homework to a platform. It gives me anxiety just uploading the document and clicking the Submit button, I just start thinking that I may have not done a good job and I will get a bad grade and fail the class just because of a simple assignment. I sometimes spend an hour just starting at the submit button before clicking it but there are cases that I know the homework is perfect and I submit it in a second.

I’m the worst person at reading signs, sometimes a thing is not a coincidence, but a sign that I should do or say something and I literally ignore it or don’t realize but later that day I will be thinking about the situation and realize that I’m dumb because I did not notice something.

This one is going to get kind of deep, I sometimes have trouble opening up about my feelings or the past, this one is complicated because there is exceptions, I think that the only three people that I have no trouble opening up are friends, one of them I don’t see her often just four times a week, another we only text each other to plan when are we going to eat together (fun fact: I’m also one of the only people he opens up with about everything, this fact probably does not matter but i thought you should know) and the last friends we only text memes and sometimes we text our breakdowns and I also helped her in high school with her breakdowns in the bathroom (she will be reading this and I’m going to get a text with the screenshot from this part). I just have so much trust on them that I’m able to talk about anything. But with other people, when I start opening up I start thinking that they don’t care or that it is bored to them and then I stop talking and change the subject. For example there are seven people that know that I have a blog (besides my family) and only five have the link to read my entries and three of them always text me when they read the entry or even read the entries.



Those were some activities that I have trouble with, I hope you liked this entry and I will see you in the next one

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