Some Entries that I Have Not Published

When I started this blog in June of 2019 I thought I was going to quit in a moth, but it is 2020 and I have not and I don’t have any plan of doing that. In the meantime I have written over 50 entries but only 45 have been published, so I decided to share the concepts of some entries that I did not post for any reason.

  • 365 Things That I Liked in 2019. I know there is an entry about the things that I like in 2019, but that was not the original idea or concept. At the beginning of December I started thinking about what I could do for the end of the year and I decided to make several entries 365 things that Happened this year, 365 songs that I liked this year and 365 movie shots that I liked this year. I started writing them but I realized that I did not have enough things that I like to make an entry about 365 for each category, so I decided to make a 365 things that I liked this year, but there were things that I did not like that much that made it to the list so I could complete the number, so I decided to make just one entry, there was no number of things that I could list and that was the entry that I posted.
  • Text with the lyrics from my most listened songs every month. I really wanted to make this kind of entries because it will be helpful to boost my creativity while writing and I actually made one on September but It did not perform as other entries in terms of views or likes, it actually is my least viewed entry so, I decided not to continue with it.
  • Cartoons that look like me. This one was supposed to be my second entry in this blog but while I was writing it, I did not like it, so I never posted it.
  • Things my favorite movies have in common. I tried to write this two times, but both times I did not found interesting coincidences between the movies, so I stopped. I actually really want to write this since I started the blog, maybe I will try a third time and that might be the one.
  • How Cinema can change a person’s life. In October I was really into this theme because for a school project I made a photo series about it. I wanted to bring it to this blog on the form of an entry but I never found the words to write it. I was thinking of posting the photo series but a friend was on all the pictures and I need her permission to upload them and she does not know that I have a blog. To be honest I could just send her a message right now to upload the pictures but I’m not prepared for her to read my blog.
  • Inktober. Maybe a few of you remember that I actually announced this entry at the beginning of October and I explained that I don’t know how to draw anything but I was going to try doing inktober. It was a good idea but I only did 3 drawings out of 31 and I deleted the entry where I announced that I was doing Inktober. I will probably try again this year but I don’t promise anything.



In 2020 I want to start writing more about what goes behind the scenes with the blog, so I hope you like this entry and If you want me to upload some of this entries just let me know. See you on the next entry.

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