Sometimes I Act Like I’m On a Reality Show

I’m not but sometimes I do things that they do on reality shows or other things like youtube videos or movies.

Let me give you some context, a lot of my friends have said to me that certain things that I do remind them of certain reality show or series, so I will share some of them with you.

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has told me at least once that when someone says something stupid or dissapointing I look at other place but near the person like there is a camera, like they do in “The Office”. I never realized I did it until someone pointed out and then everyone started saying it. Now I’m more concious that I do it but I still do, at this point it has become a habit.

A lot of people do this, but when I’m doing my skincare routine or my makeup in my head I start talking like if it is a tutorial on youtube, my mind literally starts saying my skincare routine like I’m filming a video. If there is one thing good about this is that I dont say it out loud, that would be even more stupid.

This is a weird one, but sometimes when I’m having a conversation and the other person is talking I start to think what would I say in the commentary part if we were on a relity show. Like for example I start talking with a friend and she starts saying that she got in a fight with her boyfriend and she starts getting so dramatic about it and in the commentary I would say something like “She is literally complaining over nothing, like there is people that are dying”

This one is also pretty normal, I think (?) but I talk out loud what I’m doing, like If I’m choosing a book I start saying the pros and cons of that book, like that but imagine it with every little thing I do when I’m alone.

Sooo, there were some of my weird habits I have and I hope that after this entry I get a reality show. See you in the next entry and if this did not make sense is because I could not sleep and I started writing this.

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