My Opinions About The Oscars Nominees

Before I start this entry I would like to remind everyone that these are my opinions, you may or may not agree with them and that is fine. So don’t attack me if you have a different opinion than mine, we can debate about it.

These are my opinions about the Oscars and some movies this year, I kept them to the point to not bored you with all my thoughts. I have not seen all of the movies but I will be basing my opinions in what I have watched.

Joker (2019) was good but not that good for it being nominated 11 times at the Oscars. Don’t get me wrong, it deserves some of the nominations (like Best Actor in a Leading Role, Cinematography, Original Score) but not all of them for example Costume Design.

Nominating one person of color and for playing a slave, does not make the Oscars less white.

Parasite (2019) deserved nominations in most if not all the technical categories and the actors deserved to be nominated more than the three same actors that get nominated every year.

The fact that The Academy likes to pretend that women did not direct any good movies this year, just shows that they just like to pretend that they say they support all the feminist movements but dont do anything to actually support them.

Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood (2019) was not good and it only got nominated because it was made by Quentin Tarantino. The only good part was Brad Pitt’s character.

The Farewell (2019) deserved so much better in the nominations and I will fight whoever says this was a bad movie.

Greta Gerwig, Lulu Wang, Noah Baumbach and Taika Waititi deserved to be nominated for best director more than Todd Philips and Quentin Tarantino

Marriage Story (2019) was one of the best movies and is probably going to be snubbed. Adam Driver really deserves the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role but he is probably going to lose and I’m sad.

Jojo Rabbit (2019) deserved the hype that Joker has. The acting was amazing, also Roman Griffin Davis and Thomasin McKenzie deserved the world and they are so pure.

Rocketman (2019) deserved more nominations, especially Best Actor in a Leading Role and Costume Design. Taron Egerton deserved that nomination but he did not get one because Rami Malek won last year. If Elton John and Bernie Taupin dont win best Original Song I will be suing Hollywood.

The Two Popes (2019) was meh. The acting was amazing but I cant get over the fact that It was filmed like an episode of ‘The Office’

I have not seen 1917 but I’m pretty sure that we should not make more war movies, like every year there is one nominated.

Scarlett Johansson did not deserved to be nominated twice, it deserved the one from Marriage Story but not the one from Jojo Rabbit.

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood (2019) was amazing and Tom Hanks is the grandfather figure that I never had.

Those were some of my opinions about this year’s nominees but I will add one more opinion about last year

Steven Spielberg saying that Roma (2018) did not deserved to be nominated last year because it was from Netflix and even making a petition to ban Netflix from being nominated, and now he is developing a movie with Netflix just shows the double standars that white people have when it comes to diversity in movies and awards



Those are all my opinions for today, except soon my predictions for who is going to win and one day after the awards my opinion about the actual winners. Hope you enjoyed this entry! See you in the next one!

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