What Inspired Me to Start This Blog

Last night I was getting a little bit nostalgic about this blog, especially about how I started it six months ago and it has grown more than I expected. Today I will tell you the story of How I Started This Blog. Enjoy!

Since I was in middle school I love writing, from stories to experiences or anything that came to my mind but I never had the idea to start a blog. Now let’s jump to the last semester of high school where one of my friends (Hi Karen!) suggested that I should start a blog, I thought about it for a while but I decided that it was not a good idea (lol).

Last summer, around June I started writing a piece about the songs that connected with a person’s soul, I was going to send it to a magazine just to try to get something published. I told my friend Karen about it, she was so supportive and said that I should start a blog, I thought about it and I was going to eventually do that but not at that time.

The day of the deadline for the magazine came and before I send the text I realize that I did not had enough words that they were asking, so I decided not to change anything and I did not send it.

The text was never going to see the light. But for a reason I did not stop thinking about creating a blog like my friend said, I started brainstorming some names but I did not like any and I did not want to use my real name.

I didn’t have a name for my blog, until the next day, I started listening to music and the song ‘Supercut’ by Lorde came and I knew the name I was going to use for this blog.

It was a July 1st when I started this blog with the entry “Finding Your Perfect Places” and my life has not been the same since then.

I wanted to say thank you to any of you who have read any of my entries, this blog would not be anything without you. Thank you for coming back to read my entries even the times that they did not made sense. Thank you for following my blog. Thank you for everything!

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