Same Description But Different Movie

I realized that some movies literally have the same or a similar scene or any other aspect from another movie so I’m going to share with you my discoveries.

  • A movie where Rich men stares for a very long time at a business card that is just black text on white but said that it is a genius design: American Psycho (2000) and Parasite (2019)
  • A movie where Two characters who have similar looks but one has a better life than the other, meet one day unexpectedly: The Parent Trap (1998), Garfield: A tail of two kitties (2006) and Us (2019)
  • A bad movie that has cgi cats released on 2019: The Lion King (2019) and Cats (2019)
  • A movie where Taron Egerton plays one of the main characters and at least one Elton John song is in the movie: Rocketman (2019), Sing! (2016) and Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)
  • A Sequel Movie that the original Will Smith was starring but in this movie they will only reference him by a oil painting: Men In Black: International (2019) and Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)
  • A movie that has a white couple wearing red and green on the poster: literally every christmas movie ever
  • A movie where Ewan McGregor where a girl performs “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”: Moulin Rouge (2001) and Birds of Prey (2020)



Those were the movies that I realized have similar things, I hope you enjoyed this entry and See you in the next one!

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