Small Joys In Life

Today is Sunday and I realized that I had a really hard week. I started my second semester of college, so I had to adjust to my schedule and my life is a mess right now for several reasons. So, I will share with you some little things that bring happiness to my life

  • Tea: One of my favorite drinks to start my day is tea, especially Green Tea because it wakes me up for some reason.
  • Iced Coffee: I don’t really like coffee except if it is iced, and I don’t really drink it that often except when I REALLY need to wake up
  • Books: I just like reading and the smell of books
  • Long Hugs: Sometimes you just need a hug from your best friends to feel better.
  • Flowers: Lately I’ve been liking seeing flowers since one of my friends send me a photo of some flowers that her friend gave to her.
  • Sleeping: I wake up at 5am from Monday to Friday and I love when it is time to sleep because I’m really tired sometimes
  • Clean Sheets: One of the best feelings in the world is when you are really tired, you enter your bed and your sheets are fresh and clean.
  • Singing in the car: When I drive from my school to my house I give the performance of my life in my car, but when I am with a friend, this experience gets a thousand times better


Hope you enjoyed this list, feel free to tell me the small joys of your life. See you in the next entry!

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