Weird Things That Happened to Me in a Daily Basis

Do you ever think this did not happened but it totally did? Because I do almost every day. Sometimes the universe or anything wants to keep testing me and sends me some weird signs, so I decided to share them with you.

1. I keep running into the same person almost everyday for almost a year. There is this guy who is my friend and i used to like him but we are just friends, we have different classes and schedules but I keep running into him almost everyday, sometimes even three times a day. Here it is why it is so weird to me, since november when the song ‘Yes’ by Merry Clayton plays I run into him in the moment or a few minutes or hours later, that song literally warns me if Im going to run into him, and it is not a coincidence because it happens almost every day. Another thing that creeps me out about this is the meaning of the song, it is literally that two people will fall in love Im-.

2. There is a group of songs that when I listen to them on random something bad happens. This has only happened to me two times, and it was bad but it was not THAT bad.

3. This one does not have a headline because there is a lot to the story. So I was a party and a friend brought his cards to read about our life or love lifes, I decided that I wanted to get them read and a friend encourage me to get them read about my love life. At this point I decided that I did not like the guy I used to like, and the person reading the cards did not know. Some cards were read and they were good and I was fine until he pulled out the “temporal closure” card and I almost scream because I did have a closure about this guy and the next card he pulls is the “true love” card and I literally loose my mind with my friend that encourage me to get the cards read. I mean that was so weird at least to me. That happened two weeks ago and I still dont know how to feel about it.

Those were the weird things that happened to me, hope you enjoyed this entry, see you in the next one!

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