I’ve Been Listening the Same Four Song For a Week

I have a playlist that has 389 songs but this week I decided to only listen to 4 of them. How did I decide that? The first four songs that played on random were the selected ones.

Those songs were “Yes” by Merry Clayton, “When We Were Young” by Adele, “Physical” by Dua Lipa and “Juice” by Lizzo. Two of them are really hype, one is relax but kind of hype and the other is just sad. I think I got a good mix of songs.

On Saturday and Sunday I did not listen to music because I had a lot of things to do outside my house and I had homework to do.

On Monday I listened to “Yes” and “Juice” a lot, “Physical” was listened but not that much and “When We Were Young” was not listened because I did not wanted to get sad.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I had a lot of homework so I listened all of the songs a lot like, I’m pretty sure around 30 times each and on Wednesday afternoon I started to get annoyed with “Yes” and “Physical” so I decide that I will not be listening to them for the rest of the week.

On Thursday I woke up kind of sad the only song I listened was “When We Were Young” and it is such a good song, and when I wanted to be hyped up I listened to “Juice”

Today is Friday, I drive to my school while listening to the four songs and I have to admit I really like them, even though I need a break from them I don’t hate them.

I almost went nuts but when I was getting overwhelmed I decided to stopped listening to the music, will I delete them from my playlist? No. Will I not be listened to them for at least a week? Yes.

Hope you Liked this entry, I know it is a mess, but I am a mess right now and you would be two if you had to listened to the same songs for a week. See you in the next entry!

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