Thoughts I Have While Being Bored In Class

Do you think Nicki Minaj knows that she will probably never do a song as good as “Super Bass”?

Some kids will never learn the “Just Dance” choreography for certain songs, instead they will only know the TikTok version.

Imagine breaking someone’s heart and they go on to write a song about you, it becomes a hit and you can’t stop listening to that song everywhere.

Why in high school some teachers wanted us to be therapist to a character on the book, when we cant even figure us out?

If my favorite song was never written, would I have wrote it?

What would my humor be based off in Vine had never existed?

Does the teacher also thinks this is the most boring class ever and asks himself if getting up at 5am was worth it?

If I did not text my friends everyday, will they text me?

Do we actually live in simulation, because some weird things happened to me everyday and they have no explanation?



Those were my thoughts while a teacher was explaining some myths. Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!

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