19 Words That Describe Me According to My Friends

As you may now from two entries, it is going to be my birthday on March 20th. I will be turning 19, so Im making lists about my life that have 19 things. In this case, I asked my friends to describe me in one word and here are the best answers

1. Intense

2. Funny

3. Smart

4. Gives-Very-Good-Advice

5. Talks a lot

6. Hardworking

7. Single (im-)

8. Creative

9. Ready for everything

10. Lovely

11. Friendly

12. Unstoppable

13. Pretty

14. Small

15. Caring

16. Never forgets anything

17. Crazy

18. Need to be on movement

19. Young

Those were the things my friends said, hope you like this entry and see you in the next one!