The Book That I Did not Expect to Make A Big Impression On Me

One day I was thinking about the last semester of high school and I remember my English Class where we read “The Great Gatsby” and I realized that it made a big impression on me.

Let’s begin with the plot, I remember every single detail about it, well, almost every single detail. I feel very passionate about the plot and about the ending, like when I remember what happens I get angry at some characters and I feel bad for others. Also, I discovered last week that I love having a discussion about the book with people, like I really like some other perspectives people have about this book.

I remember the first line of the book by memory, I personally think that The Great Gatsby has one of the best opening lines ever, because in some kind of way comes full circle with the story and the reader. Also, can we talk about how iconic that line is that even people who have not read the book know it.

I love the characters, especially Nick, Gatsby and Jordan, they all deserve better. I think they are very well written, yeah each one of them has their flaws, but I think that they are justified

It has so many iconic phrases, but one I always say is “Old Sport”, I dont know why but there is something about it that I just can’t stop saying it. I also remember some other phrases that I can’t say because it would be a spoiler.

To finish this entry I just want to say, I love the Great Gatsby and Nick deserved better.

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