Weird School Projects I Have Done in High School

Sometimes schools made you do weird assignments or sometimes they are normal but you make them weird, the last is my case, so I decided to share some of them with you today.

“The Great Gatsby” Fanfic: I was for English class, the assignment was to write an ending to The Great Gatsby without reading the last three chapters, so a friend (her name was Karen, you will read a lot about her in this entry) and I decided to make Nick and Daisy fall in love, they were going to run away and forget everyone but Gatsby kills Daisy by burning Nick’s house. What were we thinking? First of all, Nick and Daisy were cousins, we also wrote everything super dramatic and we our grade was 95/100, which is good because the story did not make sense and we were angry we did not get a 100. If you are interested in reading our ending, let me know and I may uploaded

The Hippies Presentation: This was for History Class on Second Semester of high school, it was on teams of three and I was with Karen, we dressed up as hippies as we did our presentations but Karen decided to act like she had smoke weed through the entire presentation, she was in charge of saying the last slide and the last thing she said was “Teacher, thanks to this project I’m becoming a hippie” and she made a drawing of herself as a hippie.

The Short Film “Intruders”: The actual name is “Intrusos” (I may need to remind you that I’m from Mexico, so I’m translated the name for this entry). I was with Karen again and the short film was about the cold war, it followed four spies, two from the CIA and two from the KGB, they were assigned to infiltrated into the other organization, but one of the agents from the CIA called John Johnson was actually working with the KGB from the start. It was a mess and we thought we did a masterpiece but rewatching it now it just makes me cringe and laugh. We also killed one of the agents for no reason at all. We also made a trailer for a sequel that we were going to write where we revive the character that we killed, we never started writing the sequel but we might to a reboot of the original short film.

The Gatsby Interview: Karen and I after writing a new ending to The Great Gatsby were supposed to make a video interviewing one of the characters. Karen dressed up as Gatsby by dressing pink (like the pink suit he had) and by doing a ponytail. That video is iconic. I was the interviewer in a talk show and I announce that Jay Gatsby was on the studio and Karen entered and we put applauses in the background. For context we filmed this in an empty classroom, so when she entered you could see the empty chairs while applauses were sounding she was waving to a non-existing audience and high-fiving no one and you can see that in the video. For some reason we both sang “Young and Beautiful” by Lana del Rey who was in the soundtrack for the movie. This was the last project we ever did in high school together, so it has a special place in my heart.


Those were some weird projects I made in high school, shout out to Karen for being my partner on all this projects, you can check out some of her drawings on Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!


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