Why Chicken Little is underrated and deserves better

I was bored and I am losing my mind in quarantine, so I did this, enjoy this mess.

I was thinking of how us, as a society forgot about the masterpiece that is Chicken Little, it was first released in 2005 by Disney Animation and base in a fable with the same name. In this essay I will present why Chicken Little deserves better and it is a masterpiece.

First of all, it had a budget of 150 million dollars and just in the United States it made 314.4 million dollars. It made double the budget, which is consider as a success, millions of people have seen it, but how many remember the plot or analize how good the story is?

The story follows Chicken Little, who is an outcast at his school. The first thing we see in this movie was the protagonist warning everybody that the sky is falling, everybody believes him and the city turns into chaos, then his father Buck Cluck tells everybody that his son was exaggerating and the piece of sky was an acorn that had fallen to his head. Nobody believes him anymore after this, but he was telling the truth, the sky was falling and they will realize it when it might be too late to do something. Then we meet his friends Abby “Ugly Duckling” Mallard, Runt and Fish Out of Water, who will follow Chicken Little when it is time to save the world.

This story presents similarities with the times we are living in with Covid-19. People were and still are saying that it is bad and you need to stay in your house to help control the issue and those people are right, they are the Chicken Little in the situation. But there is also some people saying that we are a paranoid and nothing is going to happened and they are not doing anything to help and are still going out of their house, those people are the town and the dad of Chicken Little in this situation and like them, they might realize it until it is too late. So, please be Chicken Little in this situation and stay in your house!!!

The characters. Chicken Little is great, I mean it is not the best character, but it is not the worst, I just don’t like the way he dresses. Runt, we stan him, the scene where he sang “Wannabe” by Spice Girls remains the best scene in movie history. Abby, she is smart and independent, she is a feminist icon.

Now let’s talk about the best character, Fish Out of Water, he is iconic, he is the moment, he is talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular and never the same. I mean he dances like no other person in the world. He is an architecture legend when he built a tower with paper and it hold his entire weight and he also built some planes to act if he was King Kong. If you want to see more of his iconic moments, I found this video on Youtube, check it out, I will put it after the conclusion of this essay.

In conclusion, Chicken Little (2005) is a masterpiece that deserves to be shown in every animation and film class due to how iconic everything is. Also, Fish Out Of Water deserves a spin-off series or movie, because it is the most iconic character and we need more of him. To end this essay, I would like to invite you watch Chicken Little in your free time and appreciate how perfect it is.


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