I’m in the Middle Of My Second Semester and I Hate Online Classes

Before we started online classes I was really liking this semester. My teachers are really cool, you could see that they love the topics and teaching, but some of the topics were weird, and I did not like them.

It was a Thursday when my school posted that we were going to have online classes due to the Coronavirus. No one was expecting for them to cancel classes, because they never do, for example we only get one week of spring break while the other universities give two. I remember that the same Thursday but at 7am someone asked one of my teachers if he thought that they were going to cancel classes and he said that it was almost impossible to cancel classes and that they might just make the classes shorter; and 11 hours later the university announced online classes.

Before starting online classes I was kind of excited, I had taken one online class in high school, but in that one you just did the homework and watched the teacher one day of the month in zoom, but these classes are different. I have to take the class on zoom with the camera on and listening to the teacher for the whole class, for reference all of my classes when they were normal were 2 hours and one was of 4 hours, on zoom one lasts 30 minutes, other 1 hour, the other 2 hours and the last 4 hours.

The worst class is the one with four hours, we just sit there and listen to the teacher read a presentation, she does not explain anything she just reads and gets mad when someone does not understand the topic. The worst parts is that is at 7am and they force you to have the camera on for the whole class and I cant even be lying down.

One thing I hate about online classes is the random breakout rooms, THEY ARE SO AWKWARD, like you don’t know these people and you have to do a presentation with them in thirty minutes about a topic none of you are interested about at 7am.

It has been a month of online classes, and I have never been more done with classes in my whole life and the fact that I have to finish the semester like this just makes me want to drop out (but i won’t).

In conclusion I dont want online classes anymore and I want to go back to college and see my friends

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  1. I’ve seen and heard about so many people struggling with the current set up of online classes and I’m so glad I graduated university at the end of the year because of it. It seems like such a painful way to do schooling, but I guess with the current situation it’s really the only alternative. x


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