Weird Reasons Why I Have Watched TV Shows or Found My Favorite Artist

I’m a really intense person, when I like something I get so obsessed with it that I have to know everything about it and that includes watching movies or series related to it. So, I’m going to share some of those cases with you.

When I was 13, I discovered one of my favorite singers, her name is Foxes, I learned all of her songs, I did my research about her and I found out that she was in one episode in the eight season of Doctor Who; so I watched all of the series (that includes the original version and the new version) to just watched her in the one episode, where she just showed up for five seconds, I did all that effort for just five seconds. I really liked Doctor Who and I still watched the new episodes that come out, but every time I tell this story to someone they think I’m crazy.


On this story I’m fourteen, I watched a movie that I don’t remember and I really liked one actor and I decided to watch all of his movies. Before I continue I need to tell you something about 14 year old me, she was one of the people that refused to watch a movie if she had not read the book and that applied for every movie. One of the movies this actor was in was Anna Karenina, so I decided to read the book that was 864 pages long for just that one actor. The book took me 3 months to finished because I was reading other books at the same time and I never watched the movie, I still haven’t watched the movie to this day.


With this story we are going to go full circle with the first one. When I was thirteen, it was the time where all of the book series turn to movies for teenagers were at its peak, for example The Hunger Games, Divergent and Twilight had already ended. I was a fan of several of them, especially two of them, the movies were good but the soundtracks were superior, I still listen to some of the song to this day. Because I was obsessed with these movies and their soundtracks, I needed to know everything about the people who made the music, I listened to their entire discography and I discovered my favorite two artists. I did not discover Lorde for Royals like most of the people, I discovered her because she was on the soundtrack of “Catching Fire” (the second movie of the Hunger Games). I also discovered my favorite artist of all time, Zedd he was on the soundtrack of “Divergent” and when I heard his entire discography I loved it and learned the only album he had at the time and some of the songs he had produced, so I became obsessed with him, I did my research and I learned he had won a Grammy with a singer named Foxes (yeah, the one from the first story) so I did my research and I loved all of her songs.


In conclusion, 13-14 year old me was very intense, but that led me to discover one of my favorite Tv Shows and several of my favorite artists.

Hope you liked this entry, and see you in the next one!

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