How I Lost Inspiration and How I’m Trying to Get It Back

Hi! I feel really weird writing this entry because I took a break from this blog for almost a month. Since the quarantine started I have not felt like myself and I lost the inspiration on this blog, so I wanted to tell you that story.

As some of you may know, I’m in college and doing online classes for quarantine and they have been really bad, I always feel tired and at this point of the semester for me It is not about learning, it is just about passing. This two months of online classes have been horrible, they give us more homework and being in a zoom call that is four hours long gets you really tired.

I was planning on posting at least two times a week in quarantine because I thought I would have more time and I barely have done any posts these two months. At first, it was because I did not have the time, and when I started to have more free time I lost my inspiration.

I started to feel like a failure, like I was not doing anything right and then I started to feel dissapointed about myself, I stopped doing everything I liked, I only watched youtube and tik tok. I was texting some friends, but some of them did not care and that really made me feel bad, because I was there for my friends and I never feel like they are there for me. (I know that these are though times for everyone, but If you can at least check in on your friends to see how they are doing).

For someone who does not go out often, I thought that I would be okay in quarantine, but since the start my mental health has been bad and it is just starting to get better, which is one of the reasons why I decided that I should start to post again. I love posting in this blog, it relaxes me in a way and in some kind of way helps me with my mental health.

This past weekend, I decided that I needed to get my life together, I was a mess with school, the blog and my life and I decided to start with one thing that I love doing, posting on this blog.

So, probably expect at least one entry every week. I know that this entry is a mess (like most of this blog) but it is kind of the representation of my mind and how my thoughts are all over the place.

Hope you stay well and healthy and see you in the next entry!

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