I Rewatched the First Episode of Glee 11 Years After It Was Aired

So, I’m not a super Glee fan, but I liked it. Sue and Santana are the superior characters.

Today is May 19th, and eleven years ago the first episode of Glee was aired. 11 years is a long time, I was 8 at the time. I first watched Glee when I was in Middle School and I finished it the first year of High School, I have watched a couple of episode here and there, but I never rewatched the first episode, so here are my thoughts while watching the first episode. Enjoy!

The first person to speak is Sue. IM-. We stan the superior character of Glee.

Why Mr. Schue did not realized that they were bullying Kurt? he literally saw how he was beside the dumpster and scared.

They all look like babies omfg.

I forgot that Rachel does not have bangs in the first season. I was so used to see her with bangs.

I did not realized that there was another coach before Beiste and that he dated Emma.

Mr Schue just said “I Think I can Make it great again” about the glee club, and that phrase did not age well.

Omg they just mention MySpace

Wait, Mr Schue paid for the budget of the first months of the glee club? WHY?

Mercedes was the most talented of the Glee Club. Period.

All of their outfits omg. I cant.

Can we appreciate how they had the same piano guy in all of the seasons?


I’m 5 minutes into the episode and it is a lot.

The Gold Star Metaphor IM- maybe Rachel does not deserve rights

Why Mr Schue teaches Spanish?

“What I did then was the blackest moment of my life” he says that as Finn is in the shower. Mr Schue does not deserve rights.

Mr Schue deserves to go to jail.

They all look so small omg

Why do they shot Finn with paintball guns?

I still don’t understand why Terri pretended to be pregnant

Why did Schue tell Emma “Accounting is sexy”?

Why did they named Rachel “Rupaul”? IM-

Imagine being an adult and saying that the best moment of your life was when you did show choir in the 90s IM-

The “Dont Stop Believin'” Glee Cover is the best one they ever did.

The way they showed the “villains” of the show (even though they are not) was amazing.

That scene was amazing and a really good setup to the whole series


So, here are my final thoughts, It is so weird watching the first episode after the series ended, like I forgot a lot of things that were at the beginning, also it really shocked me the glow up the characters had, like Kurt looks like an entire different person in season 3 and the last scenes was an amazing set up to the rest of the series.


Hope you enjoyed this entry, let me know if you want me to react or idk to another series or maybe I’ll rewatched every season of glee. See you in the next entry.

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