My Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Experience

I have heard for months about Animal Crossing. Twitter loves it. My friends love it. I did not know what it was.

In Twitter I had seen some pictures of it, I knew you designed your space and had some villagers and I was really curious because some people took pictures of their designs and they were beautiful and others recreated movies.

One day I decided that I should start playing it, so I download Pocket Camp on my phone and in the first day It was kind of hard to understand what I had to do, so the first week I asked my friends about the things I needed to know.

The design of my camp is not the best but not the worst, It is like a beautiful mess, because I kind of combine styles and I have some random objects that I found on the fortune cookies. I have some villagers, like 8 maybe and they always ask me for things and it kind of stresses me even though it is the whole point of the game.

One random thing that happens often is that my friends always run out of stuff and they made me sell it to them, but I dont know how they never have anything, like I have a lot of stock of the essential things and I cant understand it.

Then I started adding random people I found, and they have amazing stores and I buy some things from them and there is this random guy that always buys my whole store, literally every day I have to restock everything and then I see him resell everything.

I have been really liking Pocket Camp, it is kind of addicting in some way. It stresses me out sometimes but at the same time it relaxes me and makes me forget about life.

If you play Pocket Camp you can add me! This is my user number: 9940 1538 066

I hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!

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