I Just Finished My Second Semester of College

I don’t know who needs a break more, me or my laptop.

This semester was really hard like going from normal classes to online classes is a lot. So I want to share with you my experience this semester.

The first five weeks of the semester were pretty good, I was starting to get my life together by raising my grades and doing exercise. I was in a spinning class that it was pretty good, even though I was dying the entire class but at the end it was really fun and I miss it. My other classes were okay, I had good teachers, but sometimes the classes were pretty boring.

It was the fifth week and I remember that on that Thursday someone asked one teacher If he thinks that we were going to move to online classes, and he said no that it was almost impossible that we were going to do that. That same Thursday like 7 hours later it was announced that we were going to be moving to online classes. I just find funny how my teacher was so sure that it was not going to happened.

They were going to cancel classes for a week and then start the online classes. The week that the classes were cancel was also my birthday week, and the quarantine had already started, my birthday was really sad, like every year it is kind of sad because I hate my birthday but this year was even more sad. When my family was singing Happy Birthday to me while I was looking at my birthday cake I started crying so much that I could not eat cake because I could not breathe. (I am oversharing so much, but thank god only one person who knows me in real life reads my blog)

The online classes started, at the beginning it was easy but then the teachers assigned more homework and more projects. It was just too much. Another five weeks passed and we had a week off. Tbh in those five weeks nothing relevant happened.

Now we are entering the last five weeks of the semester. I was really excited because in almost all of my classes we were talking about subjects that I like. All of the final projects were coming and I did not know the kind of stress I was going to have.

I was really stressed for the last two weeks of the semester, all if my final projects were due on the same dates so I felt like I was going to explode. I did not take breaks to clear my mind and I did not sleep well the last two weeks.

Now, I want to talk about my favorite projects that I did and the ones that stressed me the most. The first project was a documentary, for this one you need a little bit of background, I am from Mexico and in my college we have a class that is about Mexican culture and their perspective; my documentary was about the construction and broadcasting of cultural imagery by mexican cinema, I love that assignment, it was a heavy one, probably because I did it on one entire day from 9 am to midnight, but it was one of my favorite projects I have made ever and even my teacher loved it he said that i was the best one of the class.

My next project was an essay about transmedia storytelling, there I talked about all of the movies, books, videogames, mockumentaries and more that were related to “The Blair Witch Project” while analizing the movie. That essay was one of my favorites that I have ever done and it was the longest too. 13 pages total. I did this essay on just one day from 12am to midnight, by the end I was losing my mind but it ended up being a good essay, my teacher has not grade this essay, so I cant’ flex on you my grade, but it will probably be the best essay my teacher has ever read in her life.

The last week of the semester I had to do a movie trailer and a production folder to the trailer, it was in teams and I was assigned to edit the trailer, I was really stressed because I had to find clips that matched the story, cut the clips, find a song, find sounds, put it all together, color correct, edit the trailer in a way that would make people excited while telling a good story. When I had to present it via zoom I was really nervous, because I want to work at some point in my life as an editor, so I didn’t want to fail this time, when I finish presenting it all of my three teachers of that class loved it and I ended up with a 99 in my final grade, I wanted a hundred but one girl in my team made a mistake in the folder.

The last two days of the semester I was a mess, I was really tired and not wanted to do anything, but I had one more project, a videoessay, I did my research and recorded it and when I finished recording it, I started crying because of how tired I was. Tbh I did not care what grade I get for that project, I just wanted to upload it and be free.

So, I finished my semester, I’m free, I have good grades and my back is killing me.

This is the end of the entry, hope you enjoyed it, and expect more entries coming now that I have nothing to do. See you in the entry!!

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