Why You Should Read “Daisy Jones and The Six”

“Men often think they deserve a sticker for treating women like people” (Taylor Jenkins Reid)

For a few months I have been wanting to read Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid, yesterday I finished it and I’m here to tell you why you should read that book.

This books tells the story of the rise of fame and the downfall of Daisy Jones and The Six, a rock n roll band from the seventies that defined an entire generation. I swear that it is better than what it sounds, but I can’t explain anything else without spoiling the story.

It is written in a very unique way, like a memoir or a biography and we hear the perspective of everyone in the band, people close to them and people who were relevant to their journey. When you have many perspectives, it is easy that all of them sound the same, but in this case, each character has a different voice and narration that you can separate them and identify each one without reading who is talking and you understand why each character acted the way they did.

When I was reading this book I only had one complain, it is that you can’t connect that much with the characters, at least I did not. You are reading their story and it is a good one but it is told in a way that you can’t feel the same emotions as them. It almost feels like someone is telling you a gossip, a really good one, like the ones that you want to hear the entire story and you get invested in the story.

It is a really addicting book. I have not read a book since January because of school and I always have trouble reading the first book in vacation, but this one, since I started reading I could not stop, I wanted to know what happened, I was rooting for each of the characters, especially for Billy in one part of the book. I really think that what makes this book so addicting is the characters and their stories. Billy and Daisy have amazing stories and the way they tell them is great, we hear a lot about those characters, but I wanted to hear more from others, like Karen and Warren, like they seem so cool, I feel like they deserved more pages.

This book is also really good at painting a picture with the little description that the characters give you, like I had this amazing picture in my mind of the concerts and I was like omg I want to be there, and you can clearly feel the vibe of scenes, I love the way the narration worked in this aspect.

In general, I think it is an amazing book, if you like memoirs of biographies you may like this one, because it is one but a fake one, and if you like books about real life and struggles of it you may like this one too. So I recommend you all to read this book.

Hope you enjoy the entry and see you in the next one!

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