And Now What I’m Going to Do?

I feel like the part in Finding Nemo where the fish dont know what to after they escaped.

Two weeks ago (I think, I have lost the concept of time so I dont know for sure) I finished my second semester of college, it was a difficult one, every day I had something to do or something to worry about, but now I have nothing to do.

I watch movies, read books, spend my time on reddit and twitter but I feel like something is missing, like I’m forgetting something or that I should be doing something productive. Then I start to feel sad because I’m not being productive and end up doing nothing, for example, one day I stared at a wall for an hour.

I think that the quarantine is now getting to me, since the beginning of quarantine I was doing homework, connecting to my classes and that distracted me, but now I dont have anything to distract me as much as school did, so I’m getting sad and end up doing nothing.

It is really weird doing a lot of stuff for several months and then when it ends you dont know what to do.

I have tried for three days a new method to keep me busy and to distract me, I check my phone just five times in a day and I try to read or watch a movie every day, Im also playing Animal Crossing and watching youtube. I dont know why, but this method is kind of working, something about not checking my phone is relaxing to me and I’m not getting really sad this past few days. Another thing that my new method is helping me to do is upload more entries on this blog, I have come up with new ideas almost every day and that really motivates me and it kind of makes me happy.

I know this entry was a mess, but I hope you enjoyed it and see you in the next one!

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