One Year Ago I Started This Blog

It’s been 84 years…. at least it kind feels like it.

On July 1st, 2019 I started this blog with the entry “Finding Your Perfect Places”. Sometimes I think that I have been in this blog for a long time but it is just a year omg.

It all started when I made an essay about my favorite song, I tried to send it to a magazine but it didn’t meet the requirements, one of my friends suggested that I should start a blog, she had been suggesting for a while, so I decided to create this blog and upload that essay as my first entry.

It has been a wild ride this year for the blog and my life, so let’s go back to the first month of this blog when our lives and the world was in a better place.

It all started the summer before I entered college, that summer was kind of boring because I did not go out often, but the most fun was building this blog from the ground, I remember being nervous to start this blog, I didn’t know if people were going to judge me or not like, I was really scared to put part of me out in the world, I felt like no one was going to read my blog, just my friend that suggested that I started this blog.

I remember uploading my first entry and checking my stats every five minutes the first day, then I forgot about it because no one have seen it, a few days pass and it had 5 views and I was so happy that people were interested enough just to click on my entry, and that day I started brainstorming what I wanted my blog to be, at the end I decided that it would be about my life and all of the stuff that I like or want to talk about.

But not everything in the blog this year was happy, there were times in school that I was really stressed and failed to post. At some point this year in March I was thinking about quitting this blog, I did not feel motivated, I felt that I was failing everyone by not uploading. Thankfully I didn’t quit and I’m here celebrating the anniversary of this blog.

I sometimes come back to the entries that I like the most to read them, I probably will come back to this one, so me from the future this one is for you: You have made it through with this blog for a year, don’t think about quitting this, don’t think like you are failing everyone. You are doing amazing, sweetie. Keep writing your crazy and sometimes messy entries. If you made it through with the first year of the blog, you can make it through for 80 more years.

It is really funny looking back at the time I started, I was really insecure about my writing and my english and now I don’t care that much, but I care enough. I thought that my entries would only be read by people in the United States, that quickly changed because since the beginning, so many other people from other countries have read my entries, at the beginning I did not know where some of the countries where, but now I can placed them in a map easily.

This blog is like my baby. It has grown so much. 84 entries. Over 2,000 views. 28,292 words. It has been wild ride, but I’m ready to continue with it.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!

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