The Comfort of Rewatching a Tv Show

Sometimes you just need to rewatch 10 seasons of a shows to feel better.

This year I have been rewatching a lot of tv shows that I have watched in the past and it kind of relaxes me. Since the beginning of quarantine I have been rewatching series non-stop, I have only watched one new series in this four past months.

I feel kind of safe rewatching series because I already know how it ends and I need that kind of safety in these times of chaos, so I want to share with you all the shows that I have rewatched in this quarantine.

In March I rewatched Grey’s Anatomy, I started it because I have seen a lot of tiktoks about an episode, so I rewatched the episode and I decided to rewatched the whole thing, but I stopped when one main character left the show on season 11. I have never watched Grey’s anatomy past season 11 because I feel like the show is not the same, so I pretend that season 11 was the last even though they are still making more seasons.

I Rewatched How i met your mother when they uploaded it on Prime Video. I was 13 when I watched the series for the first time and I didn’t remember anything just the ending, which I hate. So, I rewatched the whole thing and I really liked it but I hate Ted and the ending. One thing that was really curious about this rewatch is that every time Barney said something about his blog I always laugh because I have a blog (I know this is a boring fact but I feel like I should point it out)

Glee. I have been rewatching it since the beginning of this year because my friends and I have a weird obsession with the series. I have not rewatched the whole thing but only some episodes, the ones that I liked or the ones that have a crazy moment. I have also rewatched the pilot because of the anniversary of the series and I have an entry about it. The series is crazy but it has one of the best pilots I have ever seen.

They added a new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix and I watched it, when I finished the season I rewatched the episodes that Doug Judy was involved in, because they are the best and when I finished those episodes I rewatched the whole series. It is one of my favorites or even my favorite.

Currently I’m rewatching two tv shows. Modern Family and Criminal Minds. It is a weird combination of shows to watch at the same time but I have never finished them and I know that both ended this year, so it is the perfect time to rewatch all of the seasons and watch the ones I have not seen. I’m only on season 3 of Modern Family and season 2 of Criminal Minds, I still have a lot episodes to see.

In conclusion, I need safety right now to not lose my mind so I’m rewatching every show that I can.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!

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