My Experience Learning How to Crochet

Two weeks ago I saw a picture of a Fossil of Animal Crossing but made into a cushion and I decided that I wanted to make one.

I started watching some youtube tutorials about it, but didn’t have anything to practice with and since we are in quarantine where I lived, my parents didn’t want me to go to a store and buy yarn. I looked for them online and when I found the perfect one, the shipping was more expensive than the actual order.

So I had given up my dreams of making a pillow and then my parents have to go to the supermarket and near it there are some stores that sell yarn, so I went to them. None of the 5 stores I went to had yarn of the colour or the texture that I wanted for the pillow, I only found the filler of it. I decided to look online again and I found the yarn I wanted with a lower price of shipping and I bought it, that was on a friday.

On Monday the yarn arrived and I started practicing with the tutorials. My aunt who knows how to crochet and send me a list of stitches I needed to learn for the pattern that I was going to follow, keep in mind I did not know how to read the pattern. I spent all Monday and Tuesday learning it, but I was having some difficulties with two stitches and I found it odd that according to my aunt I had to learn around 10 stitches when the pillow looks very simple, so I decided to try to read the pattern.

Thankfully the pattern came with a Youtube video and that was when I found out that I only needed to learn one stitch and how to increase and decrease. Luckily the stitch I would use is one that I could do ver well. I spent all of Wednesday practicing the same stitch and on Thursday I started doing the actual pillow.

So far I’m doing great, I mean I have only been doing it for 4 days but it is going great, I’m in the middle of the ninth round of almost forty. I always get kind of scared that it can turn out ugly and I go to my mom (who kind of knows how to crochet) for her opinion and according to her it is going great. The only bad thing that has happened is that I did an entire round wrong and I realize it when I had already finished it, I had to do it again but I’m learning from my mistakes.

That was my experience (so far)of learning how to crochet, I’m really liking it and will probably continue do other stuff after the pillow. When I finished the pillow I will do my final update of this, unless something crazy happens, the you are getting an extra entry.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!

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