My Reading Slump or Reader’s Block

A reading slump or reader’s block is when you don’t feel like reading. It’s you. not the book.

I love reading, even tough I don’t read all the time because of school. I only read when I’m on a school break, in vacation or when I don’t have homework. I thought that this summer break I was going to read more, I mean I don’t have anything to do and I can’t go anywhere, but I don’t feel like reading.

The last book I read was “Daisy Jones and the Six” and when I finished it I wanted to read more, so I started a new book but I could not passed half of the book, so I picked another book and I could not even read four chapters. I thought that it was the book choice, but after four books that I could not enjoy or even finished I realized that it was me.

Not reading makes me feel bad, because I want to read and I have a lot of books to read from, but I can’t because I have a reading slump or readers block, however you want to call it. I should not feel bad because I’m not reading but I only have read one book this summer and I only have one more week before school starts again and I want to read.

I tried to pressure myself to read a book but I end up not enjoying it and leaving it half way. I think my pressure to read and my reading slump is caused by the need of doing something or being productive this quarantine and I try to tell myself that it is a quarantine not a productivity contest but I still fail to understand it.

Maybe I just need a good book that does not let me go when I start reading or maybe I just need to relax and stop pressuring me, but I hopefully found one of those options soon because I want to read.

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