I Watched “Twilight: New Moon” For The First Time

Welcome to another episode of me watching Twilight

A few entries ago I saw the first Twilight movie for the first time and I have decided to make it a series. Like the other entry these will be my live thoughts. Soo, let’s watch New Moon:

Why is she worried that she is getting old (this is me from editing the entry, why did I say this as if I had not made an entry about how scary it is getting old, my audacity)

The soundtrack to these movies are amazing

Everytime there is a take of Edward walking I just start laughing, idk why it is so funny to me

Jacob and Bella have the same haircut

“Bella you give me everything by breathing” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN IM_

I’m an Alice stan. She is the superior Cullen.

Everytime Bella is at the Cullen’s house something bad happens, if I were her I would simply don’t go

Is Jasper going to try to eat Bella every movie?

If he is a Doctor why doesn’t he steal some blood from blood banks?

I just know that Bella’s scrapbook will be ugly

That is the weirdest breakup ever, they are talking in a tone as if he is just going on a trip and the fact that he just leaves her at the forest alone omg

With that yellow large jacket she looks like the kid from It

Anyways, stan the werewolves, they dont leave people in the forest alone

The montage where the months are passing and she does not move or change expression is me in quarantine.

I just know Bella would be one of those people who post Bart Simpson emo edits when someone dies.

Tbh Bella’s dad is the best character, we stan him.

What are Bella’s nightmares? I don’t understand what is going on

The funniest part of this movie is that she sees Edward when she is in a motorcycle and that she tries to build a motorcycle with Jacob so that she can see Edward.

Omg Jacob cutting his hair is like when girls dye their hair because they broke up with their boyfriend?

Bella is a magnet of paranormal bois

When you become a vampire or a wolf do they teach you how to parkour or do you already know it?

Bella has the personality of a slice of bread and she has all of those guys that would die for her im-

Imagine if instead of wolves they would be chihuahuas

I’m getting tired of Victoria and Bella, like just move on and get new boyfriends

Edward appearing out of nowhere is the funniest thing in this movie

So, Edward thinks Bella is dead because Jacob picked up the phone (???????????????)

Edward really said: ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Jacob and Edward in this movie are shirtless 70% of their screentime. WHy????


The most unrealistic part of the movie is that her dad never called her once to how she was or why she left when she was in Italy

I will take this to my grave “Edward and Jacob have more chemistry than Bella with each of them”

Soo, Bella and Edward are going to be high school sweathearts????



To be honest this movie was kind of boring and the first one remains superior. The baseball scene from the last movie is better than this whole movie

I really enjoy doing this kind of entries and I will continue doing them. I hope the next movie is better, so that the entry is a little bit better. Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one.

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