I Rewatched “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2”

Soo, I have already seen this movie when it came out, my sister bought me a ticket to see it even though I have not seen at that time the other movies, I don’t remember a lot of things. As usual these are my live thoughts that I had while watching. so let’s start watching the movie.

omg she doesn’t know that Jacob imprinted on her daughter. I cant wait for them to tell her.


“NESSIE? YOU NICKNAME MY DAUGHTER AFTER THE LOCH NESS MONSTER?” is the best line of the franchise by far.

This scene where they tell her that Jacob imprinted on her daughter is my favorite scene of the saga.

If he was attracted to Bella by the non-existing baby in the first three movies, why he wasn’t attracted to Edward if he is Renesmee’s father?

Their house is in the middle of the woods. Why do they always want to be in the woods?

I forgot about Bella’s dad. I feel so bad for him that he thinks Bella is dying and she is okay now.

Good for Jacob for wanting to tell Bella’s father about her. Why is he taking his clothes off? This scene was so funny to me.

The cgi baby omg do you think she is vaccinated? do vampires need vaccines?

Bella really said: ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨


I dont know why I cringe everytime Jacob talks to Renesmee


I cant take Rami Malek seriously i dont know why

Do vampires take airplanes? or do they run or swim to wherever they want?

So, the reason why Bella was so important in all the movies was because she can protect people

Jacob is literally the Renesmee’s bodyguard

The fact that this whole mess is just because they killed one of the bad guys from the first movie and the girlfriend just went to the guys (i dont remember the name but they are the bad ones) to snitch on Bella and Edward. Literally is like the same storyline as Victoria who just wanted revenge so bad.

I just noticed that since Bella is a vampire her style has changed, does being a vampire makes you have a good sense of fashion?

Tbh this part where they confront Aro and the others is the best part of the franchise by far, like it made me forget that I was writing an entry and I just kept watching, But they are just talking for now.

So many of the actors of the allies that the Cullens collected look so familiar i dont know why or from where


Why is no one trying to kill the girl that causes pain?

omg Rami Malek breaking the floor. his character in “Night at the Museum”could never.


That scene is the ultimate “it was all a dream”

They are so far apart, how can they hear the conversation?

“Should I start calling you dad?” IM SCREAMING

They always end up in the same place with the flowers

Who is the guy singing “A Thousand Years” in the credits? I was sure it was only sung by Christina Perri

Why some of them have like a shot where they are looking at something and then at the camera and smile like a sitcom intro?



Wow, We got from Edward giving her the look that she was the had the most disgusting smell ever to here. This was a wild ride. Hope you enjoyed all these entries about Twilight. I was thinking about doing one more with my final thoughts, but idk. Hope you enjoy this entry and see you in the next one!!

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