Tomorrow I Start My Third Semester of College

I’m not ready to go back to online classes.

Tomorrow I start my third semester of college and I’m lowkey freaking out, because this semester is going to be online for except for one class at the end of the semester. With online classes I get really nervous because I dont know how they are going to be. How am I going to make friends?

As you may see in the last paragraph I’m kind of a mess right now, because I’m really nervous. I don’t have any of my friends in any of my classes and in most of them I don’t know anyone and thats kind of scary for me because of the group projects, besides that How am I going to make friends? I feel like I cant do that because of online classes and maybe because I’m really shy in online classes.

Another thing that freaks me out is that in my college the first two semester you get general classes from the area of your career and in the third semester you start getting classes from your actual career. That freaks me out so much because my one year try at college is over and now its getting real, it makes me think about the future and it looks scary. But at the same time I’m excited because I’m finally starting to study what I want and what I like,

I have very mixed feelings about this semester, aside from what I have said, I was hoping that I could take the classes as normal not online, I know that the situation does not allow it but I had the hope that this semester was going to normal.

You can clearly see that I’m a mess but I enjoy writing my college journey in this blog, soo, wait for an update mid-semester and one when the semester is over. Hope you like this entry and see you in the next one.

Edit: I just realize this is my 100th entry omg!!!!!!!!!!

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