Things I Cant Stop Thinking About While Doing Homework

The shampoo that I left in my locker at college

Costco cookies

What did Jake Gyllenhaal did to Taylor Swift that inspired her to write the masterpiece that is “All too well”?

How old is Spongebob? on the animated movie he had so many pictures of employee of the month, 50 at least, soo, how much time has he worked in Krusty Krab?

Why do people buy stars and named them?

Kourtney and Scott were the best on Keeping up with the Kardashians, they carried the show.

Shark Tale is better than most Pixar movies but people are not ready for that conversation.

The fact that we passed from playing Animal Crossing to Among Us

What would happened if one day instead of using words we just started communicating with “beep boop” and robot sounds?

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