I Have Been Playing “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” For Two Months

Yesterday I tried to pause my Zoom class because it was distracting me from Animal Crossing.

Soo, now I’m alone in my island. I used to share the game with my sister and one day she told me she did not want to play the game anymore and she gave me all of the things she had in her account. Since she left I have completely change the design of the island, I left some things she did, like a whole part of the island that she planted flowers and I really like that part.

But first, let’s talk about my house, I still have only four room, the main one is still super chill with a guitar, a music player, a hamster, a lava lamp and something to throw darts at, but I added a videogame machine and above the other doors I added signs of the theme of the room. The second room has not change at all, it is still sea themed. The third room had a full makeover, at first I had the idea of making it like a jungle, but I decided at the end to make it like a garden, the wallpaper is full of fireworks and the floor is grass with daisies on it, it has a bed-desk of wood with a huge bear, a little table with a chair and an inflatable pool, I really like this room because it has different vibe, like super chill and epic at the same times, it feels like the place where you make amazing memories on the summer. The fourth room will be a murder mystery room, my inspo is the movie “Clue”, I Imagine it as a library, everything brown and an silhouette on the floor, I only have the wallpaper and floor for now, I still need to find everything else, but I will keep you updated.

Now, let’s talk about the museum. I FINISHED THE FOSSIL SECTION OMGOGMGO. That is the reason why I made this entry, to flex on all of you my fossil collection. Tbh I’m so happy because I love the fossil section and I love the fossils (If I get another room on my house It will probably be about fossils omg) The other two sections are okay but my fossil section is the superior one. The art section has had only one update of a sculpture and now I have four things on that section and I’m suing Redd if he keeps selling my fake art.

I have 10 villagers, Piper, Fauna, Scoot, Cyd, Shari, Octavian, Caroline, Kyle, Vivian and Cranston which he came uninvited and move to a house, I wanted another villager, I didn’t want him. I still want to get rid of Vivian and she doesn’t leave, like two other villagers wanted to leave and she didn’t, she is the only one I treat bad omg.

Coming back to the makeover I’m doing to the Island, I built a dessert with a pyramid and some fossils. I also built a graveyards, it is still on the works, I need more graves, but I’m working on it. Now my Island has 4 stars, which I’m super excited about omg .

That was my update on Animal Crossing, if you like to see my journey, you can check out my other entries, one is when I have bee playing for a week and the other for a month.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!!

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