It’s Been a Hard Week..

When I thought that 2020 could not get worse, this week happened.

Sooo, I dont know if you guys have noticed, but every first day of the month I post an entry, this month (aka September) was not the case.

I had already an entry, I just had to re-read it and edit some stuff, but I usually do that the day I post it. September 1st was on Tuesday and I had a doctors appointment, because I had been having some lower stomach pains for the past few months.

So, when I was there the doctor did an ultrasound and found out I had an ovarian cyst. She told me it was big, not big enough for surgery but she saw it on the first 10 seconds of the ultrasound. I have a picture of the ultrasound, but I’m not going to post that, just trust me that it is a big cyst.

She told me that we can get rid of it via medicine and that I’m fine and I will be fine.

I need to start taking my medicine soon, but she send me to do some studies to see another thing (I would not get into that, because I dont know if I have it and it is not a deadly thing), I cant take my medicine before doing the studies and I cant do the studies because I have to wait for something.

Right now, you have sense that I’m a mess and I am. Im really worried about the pains I continue having, because I cant take my medicine, I’m scared that the cyst may grow more and if that happens I will need surgery. I’m also kind of scared about the studies.

I also feel like crying all the time, but I cant because my parents are worried and I dont want to worry them more.. I dont want to worry my friends too, I have only told two. But I’m telling you on this blog, because it is like my safe place and only one friend has it and she already knows.

This entry is just to share another part of my life on this blog, I have share a lot on here. I always go to the some past entries and see parts of my life, this is one of those entries.

The good thing here, is that I’m fine and I will be fine. It is not something deadly, but it is something and needs to be treated for my health. Sooo, I’ll keep you updated.

PS: If you feel pain or that something is wrong, go to the doctor if you can. Stay safe and healthy everybody.

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