People With The Same Personality Type as Me

Soo, I have seen on twitter that people post the characters they have the same personality type based on a test. I did the test and I got Mediator aka INFP. The combination of people I share personality with is insane, so let’s check it out.

Let’s start on a bad note with Joker and J.K. Rowling. What did I do to deserve this? I swear I’m not a bad person like them.

I never considered Doofenshmirtz to have the same personality as me, but we stan.

I could write Hamlet, but Shakespeare could not write this blog.

Not only did I get Robert Pattinson, I also got Edward Cullen and I-. Side note: this week I found a fancam of Robert Pattinson and Dev Patel touching their hair and I spent five minutes watching it on loop, that video is so entertaining omfg, everytime that it is on my timeline I have to watch it again.

I love John Mulaney omg. I want Anna and him to adopt me. Also he is the only funny white man to ever exist.

This reminded me that the last time I felt happiness was when he won at the Oscars

I think Private is the most spot on character I got. Also, when I was little I was obsessed with the Penguins of Madagascar and I’m considering rewatching their series.

When I was in middle school I thought his books were the best thing ever and now thinking about those books makes me cringe omg Lowkey thinking about rewatching The Fault in Our Stars to see how cringy it is, I wont reread the book because I would die of cringe.

I SURE HOPE IT DOES. Knowing that I share the same personality type with the guy who made the iconic vine, makes me so happy. I also love his youtube videos.

I didn’t know Baby Yoda had personality, I thought he was just standing and posing for people to take a screenshot and become a meme on twitter.

I would prefer to have the same personality as Gnomeo from the movie Gnomeo and Juliet, but I guess this would do.


Have you guys heard that Genovia has zero cases of Covid-19? The power of women and a good government.

Zach is my favorite Try Guy so this makes me happy.

I could have accepted Sue or even Rachel, but I will not accept this.

I have the same personality type as the Original and Superior White Boy of the Month. He should be Poseidon on the Percy Jackson series by Disney.


The superior Backyardigan. This is not up for discussion, that is just a fact.

Underrated king. He was truly ahead of his time thinking that the world was ending.


Do I call the Spy Kids or do they called me for a mission?



One thing that we learned here today is that maybe I’m a white man because half of the people on the page were white men or people on an anime.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!!!!

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