My Obsession With Reality Shows

*Stares at the non-existent camera in my bedroom*

Soo, since summer of last year I have been really into reality shows, specially with two franchises. Yes, franchises, because they have several shows within the same theme and concept. Soo, let’s begin sharing my reality show obsession.

I found Dancing with the Stars last summer via Youtube videos of the dances and I really liked some of them soo, I watched all of the dances on their Youtube channel and I love some of them. For those who dont know what this show is, basically professional dancers teach celebrities how to dance. I found some of the seasons and I watched them, those were season 19, 20, 23 and 27. Season 27 made me so angry for so many reasons, especially for the winner, Bobby didnt deserve to win and Juan Pablo deserved to be in the finals. I thought that season 27 was a mess, but then Fall came around and season 28 was airing and I watched it live, that season made me so angry, dont get me wrong Hannah deserve to win, but I wanted Kel or James to win, also Ally was overscored, her final dances were a mess and dont even get me started on Sean. Nowadays, I have watched all the seasons from 19 to 28 and every Monday I watched the new season that started this week. I really like this show, I dont always agree with the voting or choices they made, but it is really entertaining.

I started watching The Bachelor, last fall because I really liked Hannah Brown on Dancing with the Stars. I actually started watching the Bachelorette first, especially her season. Let me explain what this show is about, soo for the Bachelor 1 man is chosen to date 30 women and get engaged with one at the end, for the Bachelorette the roles are reversed 1 woman, 30 men. This show is INSANE. Like there is so much drama in every season but I love it. I have watched some seasons, not all of them because there are 24 for the Bachelor and 15 of the Bachelorette. My favorite season of the Bachelorette is Rachel’s, it had everything a good cast, a good and successful love story and the breakup with Peter, that part alone was better than most seasons of the Bachelor. I don’t really like the Bachelor, I just like the Bachelorette, but I still watch both because they chose the lead from the Bachelorette from the cast and rejections of the Bachelor. I’m really excited for the new season of the Bachelorette this fall, because I never expected that they would switch Clare for Tayshia mid season, I cant wait for that drama.

Soo, I think you have seen part of my obsession on this entry, I could talk more about the seasons or the shows, but I dont know if you guys are interested, if you are let me know.

Hope you liked this entry and see you in the next one!!

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