I’m In The Middle Of My Third Semester Of College

and I’m dying.

Soo, Where do I even begin with this one? Let’s start with a brief explanation of the type of classes I take and then we will dive in on each one.

Basically there is three types of classes you take in my collage, 3 classes that last 5 weeks and you only can take one at a time, 2 classes that last all of the semester and they are related to your major and one class that lasts all of the semester that has nothing to do with your major (most of the times)

Let’s begin with the first class of 5 weeks. I HATED IT. the first of this kind this semester had nothing to do with the area you are studying and my adviser put me on a class for engineering. I havent hated a class like I did that one. It was kind of hard because I havent done math in a year soo I was dying. I had a terrible team that I hated, they were all men, they didnt listen to me and they were wrong all the time, even the teacher once told them to listen to me because my ideas were correct but they didnt care. The last week of this class we presented our project and three teachers were grading us, two of them destroyed our presentation and just started asking questions to make us and our project look bad. At the end I didnt get a bad grade but I hated every single moment of this class.

The second class of 5 weeks came (I have one more week of this class), it is about research and investigation, I had to do surveys and interviews. It is meh, I dont hate it, but I dont love it, it is kind of hard at times, but everything has gone kind of smoothly, soo I have no complains for now.

Now, lets move to the classes that last all of the semester.

One of the classes related to my major, is about the different theories of communication and I LOVE THAT CLASS, it is so entertaining, I have learned a lot and I love the teacher, she is super empathic about the situation and the amount of homework that we have and she puts the due dates of the assignments of this class on days where we have nothing, I love her.

The other class related to my major is about philosophy or at least it is supposed to be, because I havent learned anything and the teacher gives the worst classes via zoom, his presentations only have the title of the theme and he starts talking, and we havent talked about philosophy since the first two weeks of the semester.

The other class that lasts the whole semester but this one isnt supposed related to my major is about philosophy AND I ACTUALLY LEARN IN THIS CLASS, we talk about the same topics that we are supposed to see on the other class, the one that is actually supposed to be related to my major. It is almost the same class, but I actually learned, i like the teacher even though she gives us a lot of homework. I have to read a lot for this class and I actually like it, so im pretty happy with this class.

In general, I’m really tired, I feel like my back has aged 20 years this semester and I cant handle another semester online, so please stay in your house and wear a mask .

I was actually supposed to start going to in person classes in the next three weeks but my college said “No ❤️”, soo I’m still doing online college and I kind of like it sometimes, because some classes are really good being online, but others not so much.

Right now, Im actually avoiding doing homework while I write this entry, soo yeah I’m a mess.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!!!!

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