3 Things Men Have Done to Piss Me Off Recently

The audacity of men I-

Today I got really angry in class because one of my classmates tried to mansplained to a girl her own presentation so I decided to make this entry. Enjoy and please dont mansplain. You are not smarter by mansplaining, you are just more annoying.

  • I called an emergency meeting in Among Us because I saw a friend vent and I said she was the impostor, everyone believe and then one of my male friends started to mansplain me why my friends was the impostor and that I didnt matter that I saw her vent.
  • A guy in my class tried to explain feminism in a philosophy class and the teacher actually muted him because he cut off a girl and there was other 4 girls waiting for their turn to speak. This one really piss me off because he said he could explain it better than the other girl and then proceed to add nothing to the conversation.
  • I work with an organization and they give me hours of community work that are mandatory for me to graduate. I work with this one guy and we both make videos for the organization. One day I was teaching him how to use Adobe After Effect via zoom and we decide on a template to the end of the videos and I made it. We have to give a presentation showing it to like our boss but she is also a volunteer, so I share my screen via zoom and I explained it with the meaning behind it. THEN THE GUY HAS THE AUDACITY TO SAY “THAT WAS NOT THE EXPLANATION” AND PROCEEDS TO SAY THE EXACT SAME THING I ALREADY SAID AND TELLS ME THATS HOW YOU EXPLAIN IT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER VOLUNTEER I-. I was so angry and I said “Well, keep your explanation in mind when you do your own template” and literally remove him from the drive where I had the template. The volunteer made him apologize and she took hours from him for that incident but I still have to give him the template I-

I literally got angry typing this.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!!

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