I Just Finished My Third Semester in College During a Pandemic

I need a new back and I look like a racoon.

You may have noticed that in November I didnt post anything, just one entry and that is because the semester was killing me. This entry is an update on my college journey that I have documented since one day before going to college, sooo, enjoy this mess of an entry!

Where did I left the last time I updated you guys? Soo I was finishing the second third of the semester and I love one of the classes I took during this time, it was about investigation like interviews observations, polls and stuff like that. I loved almost all of it except for one method. Im actually planning to do a full on investigation of something and posting it on this blog, soo expect next year an amazing investigation.

Now lets enter the part of the semester that killed me, the last part. At the beginning it was beautiful, I had a lot of free time, my new class was about digital images, sound and video, the other classes were the same as the other entry, two philosophy classes, (one good that was optional and the one that was awful that was mandatory) and one about the communication theories. Suddenly every class started giving us a lot of homework, the homework (as the song All Star would say) dont stop coming and they wont stop coming. My days were wakeup go to class and spent all day in the computer doing work, the weekends were wakeup, take a shower and do homework. The last month, as I said in the beginning of this entry, I didnt post because of the overwhelming amount of work that I was assigned, but now I’m back.

The worst part of the semester was the second to last week, all of my final project except for two, were due the same friday, I was dying and working all day everyday that week. I finish all my work on time, which was amazing and I literally was so tired that I slept for twelve hours, after that I started working on the last two projects I had.

Last Friday I finished my semester and It was a hard one. I have never felt so overwhelmed by the amount of homework that I was given. I know that I learned a lot but I feel that if the classes were not online I would have learn a lot more. I actually started thinking about next semester, in my college we probably will be in online classes again and I probably wont sign up for one class because I want to take it in presencial mode, the semester starts in February but I dont see thing getting better by then, I just see them getting worst. One thing I did was sign up for winter class, it is just one month and I want to take one class that is optional to have less classes during the semester and maybe not feel so overwhelmed.

This semester was really hard but Im thankful it ended and that I have good grades. Im still really tired, I want to sleep for days and my back still hurts a little bit, but it will get better.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!!

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