I Have Been Playing “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” For 6 Months

I love my villagers more than I love my family.

Soo, I have been playing Animal Crossing for half a year and I havent get bored of it, I actually like it more now than when I started playing.

Some of you may know that I share the island with my sister and she had stopped playing the game, but she came back last month, she didnt realize that I took some decorations from her house to decorate mine, but I wont tell her that I did it.

Now I have 5 rooms in my house. The first two rooms remained the same as the last update of 2 months that I did, one is really chill, it has a hamster, music instruments and videogames, it has a really cool vibe, the other is ocean theme. I redecorate the third room, it is all white, giving greek vibes and Mamma Mia vibes. The fourth room has like a murder mystery vibe, all brown and red, I still need to do a silhouette of a murder scene all white. Then upstairs I did a 50s cafeteria, it looks really cool and all of the walls are covered in KK music and covers of the music, I want the villagers to give me their pictures so that they can be in the cafe too.

I redecorated my island, I put a Graveyard, a desert, a fire camp, an outside gym, two godzillas fighting in the middle of pumpkins and a ring of lucha libre. I still havent gotten 5 stars, Im still at 4 but I will redecorate everything if that is what I need for 5 stars.

I have 4 new villagers omg. They are Hamlet, Megan, Astrid and Weber. Now all of my villagers are Piper, Fauna, Scoot, Shari, Carolin, Kyle, Hamlet, Megan, Astrid and Weber.

I’m really excited for the winter update that snows in the island omg. I will also spend all of Christmas with my villagers and Im really excited for that.

Soo, hope you enjoyed this entry as much as I enjoy playing Animal Crossing and see you in the next one!!!

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