I Watched “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and Here Are My Live Thoughts

Its Christmas time omg

I have never watched “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, but I have heard good things about it, I dont know if this is a Halloween or Christmas movie, so this could be the wrong time of the year to watch it, but I will do it anyways. Here are my live thoughts while I watch it for the first time.

I didnt know this was a Disney movie.

Narrator is going off with the rhymes at the beginning.

why do i know the lyrics to “This is Halloween” if this is the first time I’m watching the movie.

The song is catchy and I’m probably going to have it stuck in my mind the rest of the week.

Jack is so tall omg.

The creepy person in a wheelchair reminds me of the old lady in spongebob that looks like a worm.

The design for the christmas village is amazing.

Jack is a skinny legend.

The mayor stressing about Jack being nowhere to be found 364 days before the next Halloween, is a mood.

Sooo, Jack has more power in town than the mayor.

I love how through out the movie you can hear the melody to “This is Halloween”

Jack obsessing with Christmas is like my mom starting to decorate the house in November.


This movie is so entertaining, why did no one tell me to watch it before.

The kids from Oogie Boogie have a really cool design and their song is really good.

Not them thinking Santa Claus is the easter bunny.

The fact that Jack is cosplaying as Santa i-

Soo, Oogie Boogie is a gambler?

The dog being Rudolph. An icon.

Imagine calling the police because a gift attacked you omg.

If Santa delivered one of those snakes at my house, I would just never come back to my house.

Anyways, stan Sally for clear skin.

If I were Santa Claus I would not have let snow in the Halloween village.

I really like the movie.



I have always had respect for stop motion movies, they take so much time to make but they look beautiful, and this movie is no exception. This movie was amazing, the story, the songs, the design, the concepts, everything. I think that this movie is middle ground in terms of is it a Christmas or Halloween movie, in my opinion you can watch it at anytime. I highly recommend rewatching or watching this movie, its amazing, and I will have “This is Halloween” stuck in my head all week i-

In conclusion, the real Nightmare before Christmas was the Grinch musical starring Matthew Morrison.

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