Happy 2021!

New year, same me but I hope a better version.

2020 was hard for everyone so lets forget about it, but lets not forget that we are still in a pandemic and that we still need to be at home and wait for the vaccine.

As you may noticed the last two weeks of the year I didnt posted anything, I decided to take a break, my semester killed me, and I started getting in a bad headspace, so I took a break from anything. Im still in a bad headspace but Im better, so I decided to come back, because I wanted to finish a series of entries that I have been wanting to do since August of last year but it kept been pushed, and I want to get them out soon.

I hope 2021 is better than 2020, the beginning doesnt look promising but lets hope that it will change. This year I have a lot going on in my life, I will be turning 20, I will be halfway in college, my house is been renovated since last year and there is still a lot left to do, I have to decide my specialization of my career and this blog turns 2 years old.

But there is a lot of things I want to this year like get a job, do a lot of entries I have been wanting to do since last year, grow this blog twice as it did last year, read more books, change my whole style of clothing and just be a better person.

I was really lucky this 2020, I didnt lost a loved one, I didnt catch covid, I didnt have economic problems; overall and with everything going on, I was one of the lucky ones and Im really grateful for that, so lets just hope everyone ends up lucky this year.

Im terrified of this year but Im entering quiet and lowkey so that nothing bad happens. Happy New Year!!

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