I’m Taking Intensive Classes in Winter in College and I Hate Myself for Doing This

Who let me make this decision? Im suing

So, in my college, we have to take 5 general classes that dont have to do anything with our major, I had already taken 3 of those, I only had 2 left, so I decided, we are in a middle of a pandemic, I cant go on vacation, I cant see my friends on winter break, so I’ll take one of the general classes, so in the semester I dont get stressed with a lot of classes.

I regret that decision so much, I just want to watch movies and read all day but I have homework omg. My class is about innovation and creativity and the teacher expects us to change the world and have the best idea ever.

I actually dont like the class and the teacher. In the class we have to do the same awful and boring process to create ideas for different problems, and they are the most random problems ever, they dont make sense. My teacher doesnt help my hate to the class, she hates every idea from everyone and one time she call the class mediocre because we did 40 ideas like the instructions said and no more.

Im finishing the third week of the course, and they are only five, so I’m honestly happy that it is going to be over soon. I also realize that I wouldnt be able to survive this class for a whole semester so I kind of love and hate myself for taking this class in winter break.

I still have two weeks left, so lets hope the class gets better.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!!!

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